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Your name will become Legendary on the Great Wall of Pho King Winners!!


What the Pho?!! Challenge

We only use quality, fresh ingredients in all our dishes. Grade A Choice, free range beef and chicken and locally grown produce are the keys to our quality. You can taste the difference for yourself. Try us out Pho Sho!!

NEW!  Chicken Pho


Have you treated yourself with a bowl of Pho lately?  Do you know what Pho is?  If your answer is no to either one of those questions, let this be your official invitation to get on the Pho train!  It's a bowl of perfection and an immune system spiking supplement for the coming cold season.

Pho is a deliciously clean, 100% non-gluten rice noodle soup bowl made with fresh broth flavored with organic roasted spices and slow simmering meats of choice that takes at least 24 hours to perfect the flavor.  And for our vegetarian/vegan friends, we got you covered!